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Work Out to Stay Fit

Work Out to Stay Fit

Whether at home or in the gym, key exercises are crucial to success

Getting fit takes more than just eating right and staying healthy. It’s about what workouts you do and how much you do them.

Leg lifts, dead lifts, bicep curls and bench-presses are some of the hundreds of workouts you can do at the gym to get those washboard abs or defined muscles you’ve always wanted.

“To work out the legs: leg presses, hack squats, calf raises…will help work out the different muscles in your legs,” says second year Kinesiology student Jason Carter.

To include the other parts of the body in your routine you can add the chest presses, lateral pull downs, triceps extension, overhead press, oblique raises, as well as the supine bridge.

The best way to get the best results in each of these workouts is to do 8-10 repetitions or until you can’t go anymore, and take a 30-second break in between each workout.

Do at least half an hour of cardio before your actual workout is a great way to burn calories, and, most importantly, get your heart rate going.

“When working out your core,” explains Benjamin Robinson, a third year kinesiology student, “you want to stay away from exercises that involve twisting, bending, and flexing the spine. Use exercises which resist these movements and engage the muscles around the pelvis. Examples are planks, side planks and woodcutters.”

Andrew Solomon, a former downhill skier for the Canadian Development Team describes the different workouts that he did before, during and after the ski season to get himself prepared.

“We did a lot of cardio early on in the pre-season to build a good base that would help us throughout dry land (a workout training program off the hill).  We would then work into strength, doing squats deadlifts and other lifting. We also did tons of core.  There is so much force on your body skiing at high speeds that you need a strong core if you want to be fast and stay healthy.”

To stay in shape, doing these intense workouts is not necessary, but workouts that high performance athletes set a good example.

If you want to get fit and stay healthy in the comfort of your own home, resistance bands are a great investment.

“You can potentially do a full body workout with resistance bands,” says Kinesiology student Alex Byers.

“For a fee, you can download full plyometric workout videos (P90x, Rush fit and Insanity).

There are alternatives to working out in the gym if you are not comfortable with it.  Resistance bands, p90x or even sit ups and push ups are a great alternative to build up your confidence and stay healthy at home.


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